August 17, 2015

Starting a new chapter on the “dirt pile”!

Today was my first day on the SCS Dirty Dozen team! It was so exciting to be part of the process….everyone is so encouraging and the overall take aways that I loved about the process were:

  1. Use whatever products you have! Yippie! I think Lydia had me with that 1 sentence! The hardest part of being a designer is being constrained to a small set of products, and the wider the product line the easier it gets. The easier it gets, the more I can really explore my own artistic abilities and creative talents. So this the thing that really delighted me off the bat!
  2. Be Yourself! Every artist tries to carry a double set of goals (I think writers have this challenge too). On the one side you are expressing yourself; your own loves and experiences within each piece of art….and on the other hand you want people to like your work…so you will lean toward trends and fads to keep your audience. The Dirty Dozen girls just kept repeating “Be Yourself!”. This message actually inspired one of the first cards I made in my Dirty Dozen journey. I truly believe that every artist does their very best work when they abide by this suggestion.

I hope you will come with me on my journey, the more the merrier. I will post my favorite card designs and tell you the stories behind my creative process, as we go!

CAS black and white – just being myself!